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Legislative Positions

Here are our legislative team's priorities for the year ahead in Albany and Washington, DC.


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Kathy Weinheimer, CPCU,AAI
Kathleen WeinheimerSenior Vice President of Industry Relations
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IIABNY Position Paper 

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The 2015 Legislative Position Paper outlines IIABNY's legislative priorities for the year ahead. 
As we face new challenges we have pledged themselves to work even more aggressively with government and other industries to address the many crucial issues which confront us. 
Our advocacy team, staff, and dedicated members continue to push for the following issues that are critical to our industry: ​






Additional Priorities Outlined in the 2015 Legislative Position Paper:
Single Insurance Producer License

IIABNY supports the replacement of separate “agents” and “brokers” licenses with a single “producers” license. This change will facilitate multi-state licensing uniformity.

No-Fault Reform

IIABNY supports legislation to tackle no-fault reform. IIABNY believes the legislature must pass meaningful fraud legislation that will help fight no-fault insurance fraud.

Repeal of Antiquated Advertising Laws

IIABNY secured introduction of a bill in the previous legislative session that would repeal the requirement that producer
advertisements display an insurer’s full name and principal office location IIABNY will seek to have a bill introduced and advanced again this session.