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Powered by Project CAP -- Consumer Agent Portal

  • Online quoting for New York independent agencies on is live with more carriers set to be announced
  • This means your agency can get interested and qualified prospects delivered right to your doorstep
  • "Advantage subscription option gives you the opportunity to get unlimited leads through the quoting portal and the regular "Find an Agent" for one low, monthly rate


Julie MacConnell
Julie MacConnellDirector of Marketing & Communications
P: 800-962-7950
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​​​Sign up for the Advantage Program now for just $49 per month! Enrollment only takes a few minutes and you will lock in your subscription rate for a year.

To sign up, all you have to do is complete this short online form and someone will call you. Even if you have engaged with Project CAP in the past, you need to complete this form.


NEW! Discount For Agencies With Multiple Locations

  • 3-9 locations: Receive $5 off the regular monthly rate for each location
  • 10 or more: Receive $10 off the monthly rate for each location

To take advantage of this discount, contact directly at 855-372-0070.


The new Trusted Choice® consumer portal is a unique 1-stop shop for insurance from independent insurance agents. Consumers now have access to real time, up to the minute insurance quotes from several companies at the same time, all in an easy to use consumer friendly portal. Addtionally, consumers can go to Trusted Choice© for insurance questions and answers as well as seeking the best local agent for them. This means you!

As an IIABNY member, your agency can sign up to receive leads from  SIGN UP HERE​

The new program offers agents a choice of two subscription plans:

CAP Supscriptions 


» Call CAP - 855-372-0070
» Email Julie MacConnell
» Visit the website


Bob Rusbuldt explains how it works in this short video message.
​​​​questionmark2.pngHi, Julie here. 
Hopefully you’ve checked out the 101. If you haven’t, start here

To help demystify the opportunity, below are some specific questions other members have asked and my answers. If your question isn’t answered here - email me

How many people are going to 
Almost 70,000 visits in January and growing very fast every month. 

Who is going to the site - are they only minimum-limit kids or a mix of prospects I really want? 
They are prospects agencies would value. 

Early statistics show 76% are over 30 years old, almost half are married.  
1/3 of the vehicles quoted are over $30,000.  
Over half are selecting our maximum limits package! Only 16% choose our minimum package.

Remember, we are not quoting minimum limits. We have 3 package levels, all above minimum limits. 

​I signed up for the $15 a lead, am I still signed up? 
Not unless you became an advantage subscriber. 

Because of member feedback, Project CAP switched from the initial $15/lead model to a flat rate subscription model. If you haven’t signed up as an Advantage Subscriber since November, you now only receive the basic listing. To benefit from an enhanced profile, preferred positioning in results and listing in “Get a Quote” search, you need to sign up to become an Advantage Subscriber now. 

*Note: if you originally completed an enhanced profile you don’t need to recreate it. The profile will be reactivated when you sign up 

My profile was on the site but now it’s not, what happened? 
You may not have become an Advantage Subscriber. You must be a subscriber to have the enhanced profile display. 

I am having a difficult time creating a profile, can you help? 
Yes! E-mail Kelly Schoeff from Project CAP and she will send you an excel document to complete. She will then upload it for you. (Kelly rocks) 

Agencies in another town are showing up before me! Why? 
The search results work like this: 
  • Advantage Subscribers within a wider radius show up first 
  • Basic listings are then displayed based upon distance to center of zip code and any parameters set by the consumer (i.e. - if they want an agency with evening hours). To show up in the first group, simply become an Advantage Subscriber and make sure your profile is complete 
  • Only Advantage Subscribers show up in “Get a Quote” searches 

Are agencies actually getting leads? 
Yes, many agencies are getting leads - both through “Get a Quote” and “Find Your Agent.” Both are driving consumers to agencies, it isn’t only about quoted leads. As we move out of the transition period of getting carriers & agents live on the site, enhanced promotion will drive even more traffic. Don’t expect leads flooding in overnight, it will grow with momentum. See some of the successes here: Testimonials

How do I get a lead? 
You will receive an email when a quote or contact is requested. Once you click the link, you will be guided to all of their information. 

Do leads go to multiple agencies at once
No. It is important that you get in touch with your prospect as soon as possible as you are their only contact. It is your lead. Go close it! 

What carriers are on the site in NY? 
In NY, our “Get a Quote” carriers are NYCM, Progressive, Central, Safeco, Preferred Mutual, Selective and Main Street America. We will be making exciting announcements about additional carriers in the coming weeks. 

I don’t write with any of those companies, should I still sign up for the Advantage Subscription? 
YES! Remember that leads are also coming through the “Find Your Agent” search and subscribers show up first with big enhanced profiles. 

What are the terms? 
By signing up now you benefit from securing a low monthly rate of $39, locked in for all of 2014. The agreement is basically month to month, you can cancel any time. 

OK, I’m in. How do I sign up? 
Go to this site and fill out the short form. Kelly will reach out to you. You can also call or email Kelly with any questions.  Email:  |   Phone: 952-715-5922

A Big Thank You to Participating Carriers.





Who can provide quotes in NY today?
Central, Safeco, Main Street America, NYCM, Preferred Mutual, Mercury, Travelers​.  More announcements coming soon!

Project CAP presents a huge opportunity for not only agents, but the companies they represent.Your agents and our industry need your participation. Please let us answer your questions.  

Call Jamie Deapo at 800.962.7950 or