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​​​Sign up for the Advantage Program now for just $49 per month! Enrollment only takes a few minutes and you will lock in your subscription rate for a year.

To sign up, all you have to do is complete this short online form and someone will call you. Even if you have engaged with Project CAP in the past, you need to complete this form.


NEW! Discount For Agencies With Multiple Locations

  • 3-9 locations: Receive $5 off the regular monthly rate for each location
  • 10 or more: Receive $10 off the monthly rate for each location

To take advantage of this discount, contact directly at 855-372-0070.


The new Trusted Choice® consumer portal is a unique 1-stop shop for insurance from independent insurance agents. Consumers now have access to real time, up to the minute insurance quotes from several companies at the same time, all in an easy to use consumer friendly portal. Addtionally, consumers can go to Trusted Choice© for insurance questions and answers as well as seeking the best local agent for them. This means you!

As an IIABNY member, your agency can sign up to receive leads from  SIGN UP HERE​

The new program offers agents a choice of two subscription plans:

CAP Supscriptions 


» Call CAP - 855-372-0070
» Email Julie MacConnell
» Visit the website


Bob Rusbuldt explains how it works in this short video message.