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IIABNY gives our members the tools you need to help market your agency. 

From the use of the Trusted Choice® brand with access to logos, content and marketing reimburement money to digital marketing tools and content to share.

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The Power of 30 Seconds Phone Training


The first 30 seconds of any inbound sales call sets the tone for the entire customer experience.

Trusted Choice® aims to help you make those seconds count with The Power of 30 Seconds™, an online training tool designed to help you convert inbound sales calls into clients. This program coaches your staff on creating and managing an inbound sales process for their agencies, training you on how to:
  • Establish an effective call workflow
  • Provide a positive customer experience
  • Manage phone system automation

Start the training

Website & Social Media Digital Checkup
Get ahead this year by improving your digital marketing efforts with Trusted Choice's FREE Digital Checkup. This cool service is available to Trusted Choice Agencies who would like to create or improve their social media outlets and websites.

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Julie MacConnell

Julie MacConnellAVP of Marketing & Communications
P: 800-962-7950 EXT: 224
F: 888-432-0510
Trusted Choice® is the national marketing brand created exclusively for Big "I" members to help consumers understand the value that an independent agent offers: choice, customization and advocacy.



Co-branding your agency

Trusted Choice® is designed to enhance your agency branding efforts and advertising, not take the place of it. Flying the Trusted Choice® logo positions you as a premiere agent and conveys a level of integrity, trust, and expertise. (Think the Good Housekeeping "Seal of Approval!")



Your access to online consumers

On average, nearly 75% of personal insurance consumers will begin their search for new coverage online. Will they find you?

Consumers are being driven to where they can search for a local agent or request an online rate quote.


Enhance your agency profile

After entering a zip code, consumers will find a listing of all Big "I" member agencies.

With a paid subscription plan, your agency will appear near the top of local search results on and gives you the opportunity to get unlimited leads through the quoting portal.

It also lets you create a robust profile telling consumers why they should do business with you!


Available Subscription Plans

  • Personal Lines Advantage Plan
  • Commercial Lines Plan 
  • Personal/Commercial Bundle 

Which plan is right for you? Get details on the different plans

Please Note: The subscription fee is a separate payment from your IIABNY membership dues.  


* is powered by Project CAP (Consumer Agent Portal)


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Contact David Roeber
Account Executive

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Trusted Choice® has created a set of guidelines that MUST be followed when using these logo. View the rules


Download.gifTo download the logo(s), right-click on the corresponding link and select "Save target as" then choose a place to save it on your computer.

NOTE: The EPS logos can only be opened with professional design software.


Color JPG
Black JPG
Regular Printing

Color JPG
Black JPG
​Professional Printing

Color EPS
Black EPS

Color PNG
Black PNG
White PNG
Trusted Choice Logo


Regular Printing

​Professional Printing

Color EPS
Black EPS


White PNG

Trusted Choice Logo


Color JPG
Black JPG

​Regular Printing

​Professional Printing



Logo Usage Guidelines - Things to Remember:

  • After each use of the Trusted Choice® mark, whether in text, signage, marketing materials, Web sites or other locations, the registration symbol ® must be used.
  • Never recreate or alter the Trusted Choice® logo
  • The primary Trusted Choice® colors are Pantone 287 (blue) and black
  • Only reproduce the Trusted Choice® logo in all blue, all black, blue and black, all white or metallic silver
  • Do not allow any other element to touch or interact with the logo
  • The Trusted Choice® font is Frutiger
  • Do not use a two-color logo on a non-white background


These guidelines must be followed. If you will plan to submit for marketing reimbursement, your request will be denied if the logo is not used correctly.


The Trusted Choice® "Freedom Campaign" is a national advertising campaign that uses humor to reinforce that you are "Free to do what's right" for your customers because you aren't tied down to one company.

Free Ad Customization
Exclusively for IIABNY Members


A whole suite of professionally produced advertising materials are available to you as an exclusive member benefit. Each can be individually customized with your photo or agency logo and contact information at no charge!

  • Postcard
  • Direct Mail
  • Letter
  • Print Ad
  • Buckslip
  • Outdoor
  • Radio Ad
  • TV Ad
  • Digital Banner Ads

Browse by medium or by creative theme and select your chosen piece(s). You then have two options:

  • Purchase a chosen quantity of the customized piece(s) directly from the website & have them shipped to you


  • Order a free PDF of the customized piece(s), which will be emailed to you and you can then print in-house or take to your own printer. 

2017 guidelines have been announced:
Click here to view

Top 3 Reasons MRP Applications Are Denied
The Wrong Logo
For an item to be eligible for reimbursment it must feature the Trusted Choice logo, not the IIABA association logo, which looks similar.
Spacing Issues
There needs to be a certain amount of clear space given to the Trusted Choice logo so that it is easily identified, as outlined in the style guide. Be sure that the logo is not placed against some other element.
The Wrong Color
The primary colors for the Trusted Choice logo are blue & black, though for situations where it's more appropriate or necessary for a single color there are a few acceptable single color options (blue, black, white or silver).