Business Services

Jamie says: Whether you have one question, help with hiring or need to make sure your policies are in legal compliance, Affinity is fantastic.
Jamie says: Cyber security is critical today - you need to take care of it. And with NY's Cyber Reg, it's a requirement or you will be fined.
Jamie says: Web-based value estimator.
Jamie says: Not only are they well-priced and well-run, they give you the ability to create a wall between your clients and your competitors (aka - they won't steal them like others). Vetted and endorsed by IIABNY.
Jamie says: 24-7 customer service at affordable prices.
Jamie says: Top end MGA for commercial lines; great service.
Jamie says: NYC-based insurance industry advisers and deal-makers.
Jamie says: Premium finance company based in NY with exceptional customer service. Vetted and endorsed by IIABNY.
Jamie says: HR solutions for brokers to add value for your customers.