08/28/13 -- PMC Debuts New Agent Portal for Work Comp Business

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August 28, 2013

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PMC Debuts New Agent Portal for Work Comp Business
PMC Insurance Group, IIABNY’s endorsed mono-line workers’ compensation program, is easing the qualification and upload process for participating agents with its new submission portal. Agencies can now begin using the PMC Agent Portal for all new business submissions to quickly verify eligibility of a risk and submit to PMC’s markets.

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Here are the benefits:

  • easy upfront pre-qualification – minimal input of information will identify risk eligibility
  • simplified submission process – easy entry and upload of submissions directly to PMC, the underwriting team and eligible markets
  • secure access with improved efficiencies and response time

Submissions can now be sent directly through the portal. To login, participating agents should enter their user name (e-mail address) and password at After logging in, agents using the system for the first time will be asked to set their password and verify their correct agency information.

PMC also has a new regional structure with the aim to provide the best service for you. Phil Fleming, regional vice president for the Northeast Territory, has more than 20 years experience in the workers' comp field and more than 10 years with PMC. Phil is now the main contact for IIABNY members and is supported by a seasoned underwriting team to ensure the best possible experience for you and your staff. Questions? E-mail Phil Here. Submission Questions? Email the team:

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Trusted Choice® Sponsors Walk for Wishes on Long Island, Join Us!
Our commitment to helping children with life-threatening conditions through Make-A-Wish® continues over the next few months as we sponsor events in communities around the state. Our first stop invites you, your coworkers, clients, friends and community to join Team Trusted Choice and walk together for wishes. The Walk For Wishes® 5K Run/Walk will take place Sept. 29 at the Dowling College/Brookhaven campus in Shirley.

Please register here
Email, Print and Hang this Sign
Post this on your social media channels:
Proud sponsor of @MakeAWish Walk for Wishes. Please join us to build wishes in our community! @Trusted_Choice
Leaders: Encourage your staff to attend, consider sponsoring an office team.

More info: Go team!

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Members Come Through as Trusted Choice® Facebook Reaches Goal
We did it! Thanks to your support Trusted Choice® will donate the maximum $150,000 to Make-A-Wish America! IIABNY is grateful for everyone who participated in the August Facebook “Share” campaign! Give yourself a pat on the back. During the month, IIABNY and other Big “I” members “shared” daily posts from Trusted Choice and encouraged their families and friends to do the same by using their Facebook status to direct them to the Trusted Choice Facebook page and follow Trusted Choice on Twitter. This campaign will not only benefit deserving youth of the Make-A-Wish foundation, but also expand the reach of the Trusted Choice consumer brand.

In addition to the 15,000-plus shares, the campaign reached millions of consumers each week and had thousands “talking” about Trusted Choice on Facebook at any given time.

In Other TC News
Be sure to listen to an excellent online interview with Project CAP’s Chip Bacciocco, who provides some enlightening, up-to-date information about the online marketing and sales initiative and how the new Trusted Choice website is evolving to meet the needs of independent agents and brokers. Bacciocco appeared on a recent edition of the A.M. Best Insurance Marketing and Advertising podcast.

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Delay on Certificates Bill is Not Unusual
As IIABNY previously reported, both chambers of the New York State Legislature last June approved IIABNY’s bill to reform the use of certificates of insurance. However, more than two months after the bill’s passage, the New York State Assembly has not yet sent the bill to the governor for his consideration. While this may seem like a long delay for those anxious to see the measure become law, it is not out of the norm.

Traditionally, the legislature acts on dozens of bills in the waning hours of its session every June. After both houses have approved a bill, it is returned to the house from which it originated to await transmission to the governor. The houses then send bunches of bills at a time to the governor. A bill that passes in June may sit for a long time before making the trip to the governor’s desk.

For example, consider Chapter 496 of the Laws of 2012. It requires every auto insurance policy that both insures a fire department, fire company, ambulance service or voluntary ambulance service and provides supplementary uninsured/underinsured motorist (SUM) coverage to provide SUM coverage to employees or volunteers for the named insured who are injured while acting in the scope of their duties by uninsured or underinsured drivers. It was sponsored by then Assembly Insurance Committee Chair (now Assembly Majority Leader) Joseph Morelle and Senate Insurance Committee Chair James Seward. Both chambers passed it the same day – June 21. Below is a screenshot of the legislative timeline for this bill:

Law Status graphic

Note the date on which it passed the Assembly and Senate and was returned to the Assembly – June 21. Now note the date on which it was delivered to the governor – December 5. This relatively non-controversial piece of legislation sat for 167 days before the Assembly sent it to the governor. He signed it 12 days later, noting only “certain technical deficiencies” that needed to be corrected. (The legislature passed a bill to make those corrections in February and March; the governor signed it on March 15.)

Therefore, while a 10-week delay may seem like a lot right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean the certificates bill is doomed. IIABNY’s legislative representatives in Albany are working closely with the staffs of the Assembly and governor to speed the bill’s progress and encourage him to sign it.

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 You're Invited: A Powerful Documentary Screening on an Important Issue
IIABNY is partnering with the Travelers Institute, TriCounty IIAA and IIAB of Suffolk County to bring you a private screening of “Overdraft,” a one-hour documentary that presents a compelling explanation of America's federal debt crisis, how it impacts American lives and choices to address the problem.

Immediately following the screening, attendees will hear from a panel of business, economic and policy experts, including:

Richard Poppa, President & CEO,
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc. (Moderator)

Robert P. Hartwig, President, Insurance
Information Institute

Joan Woodward, Executive Vice President for Public
Policy, The Travelers Companies, Inc.; President,
Travelers Institute

A reception will follow the panel discussion.

The program begins 4 p.m. Sept. 24 at the Melville Marriott Long Island. Space is limited. RSVP, movie trailer and more information are posted here.

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Some Things You Might Not Know about NY State Insurance Fund
Did you know you can request loss runs on New York State Insurance Fund business? Do you know who to contact at the local NYSIF office to resolve complaints? These were two of the areas of discussion in a recent meeting as IIABNY continues its on-going dialogue with NYSIF officials.

Some IIABNY members have reported difficulty in obtaining loss runs from NYSIF. If a policyholder makes a request, the loss runs will be sent via mail or e-mail, in most cases within 48 hours. The broker of record also has the right to request loss runs.

Who do you call if you have an underwriting, claims or audit issue to resolve? Help is as close as your local NYSIF office. Each local office has a business manager, policy holder service manager and claims manager ready to help. See the contact list posted on the IIABNY website.

IIABNY recently offered a webinar on “Working with the State Insurance Fund”, presented by Robert Fancher. Topics covered included NYSIF’s structure and products, premium components, payroll reporting, premium audits and the various services offered by NYSIF. If you missed this webinar, it is archived online. The webinar provides valuable information to you and your staff about conducting business with the State Insurance Fund.

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Numbers Add Up for this CE-Rich Course
IIABNY's award-winning Education Department has decades of experience offering New York insurance professionals the courses and training they need to meet most of their licensing requirements. With that in mind, Dee Macheda, MSED, AAI, AINS, AIS, ITP, drew up "15 Credits in 1 Day." In order to earn continuing education credits for all licenses, you must self study the course and pass the mandatory 50-question multi-choice exam. As a licensee of the Department of Financial Services, Article 21 - Agents, Brokers, Adjusters, Consultants and Intermediaries, provides strict standards to which all insurance personnel should aspire as they advise how conduct of the day-to-day insurance business and dealings with consumers should be carried out. This self-study course covers Article 21 along with various regulations (including Reg 194-Producer Compensation) and the Opinions of General Counsel related to them.

Eight exam sites are scheduled this fall around the state, beginning Sept. 11 in Buffalo and Sept. 12 in Rochester. Online registration is available. The series closes Nov. 5 in Glens Falls and Nov. 6 in Syracuse.

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Featured Web Page: Our Blogs
For the first time, IIABNY’s website features regular blog postings by three in-house experts. You might remember from years ago “Word on the Street,” a blog written by IIABNY Member Advocate Jamie Deapo, who is also the association’s assistant vice president of membership and member programs. Well, “Word on the Street” is back and conveniently located in the “IIABNY News” section of the website. So is the “Ask Tim” blog,” written by self-proclaimed “Insurance Geek” Tim Dodge, IIABNY’s assistant vice president of research. New to the blogosphere is a digital marketing blog written by Julie McConnell, IIABNY’s director of marketing and communications. We’re so sure you’ll find our trio of blogs so interesting that we now provide brief excerpts from their latest posts.

“I just read a recent McKinsey report entitled ‘Agents of the Future: The Evolution of Property & Casualty Insurance Distribution.’ I have to tell you it wasn’t good news.

“Independent agents are being overshadowed by insurance companies dealing directly with consumers. Consumers have been programmed via extraordinary amounts of advertising to see auto insurance as a commodity. They no longer appreciate the value an independent agent brings to the purchase of insurance, especially auto insurance.

“The truth is as independent agents you have been out spent and out hustled. …”

— Word on the Street by Jamie Deapo

Tim Dodge, who might also be called IIABNY’s “Answer Man,” responds in his latest blog posting to a member’s question about a carrier denying an auto accident claim because the insured’s son, who is enrolled in college as a graduate student, no longer resides in the family’s household.

“In this particular case, the driver was a student at medical school, which implies that he is older than a typical 18 to 21 year-old college student. Also, I would think that where he lives between school semesters would be relevant – does he return to his parents’ home for an extended period of time (for example, summer), or does he continue to reside in Pennsylvania or another location for internships? Does he intend to return to living in his parents’ home in the near future, or does he intend to begin his career elsewhere?

“To summarize, this is a gray area, and the insurance carrier may be correct in its determination. …”

Seth Godin has written 14 books that have been translated into more than 30 languages. Every one has been a bestseller. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. Godin is also one of Julie MacConnell’s favorite marketers. In her latest blog posting she explains why.

“I met Seth Godin several years ago (I'm sure only one of us remembers the other). He is profound. And you know what his message is - keep it simple. The obvious is elusive for most people these days; very few have the talent to identify it. But Seth has that ability.

"Here is a keynote speech Seth gave for our good friends at Hubspot. If you have some time to view all or part of it - enjoy. If not, don't worry. We share Seth's principles often.”

Interested in hearing Godin’s speech? Stop by MacConnell’s digital marketing blog for a link to the speech.

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Claudia St. John

Thank Employees this Week
Here’s some timely advice for senior management from Claudia St. John, president of Affinity HR Group, IIABNY’s endorsed human resource partner and resource:

“As you plan for your Labor Day festivities, consider taking a moment to celebrate your own employees. As managers, we tend to be better at giving corrective feedback than we are at recognizing all the ways our employees help us each and every day. This Labor Day surprise your employees with bagels on Friday, a personal thank-you note, an ice-cream social or a picnic in the yard. At the least, send an email. It doesn't have to be big, and it doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to show them that this Labor Day you thought about them, you did something for them and you care. Happy Labor Day!”

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Enjoy the Upcoming Long Holiday Weekend!


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